Dead In Three Days - Hope

This is an important final scene that touches on the bittersweet undertones of the film's resolution. I tried to capture this by shifting from eerie vocals, that are present in other moments of the score, to a hopeful clarinet melody.

Dead In Three Days - Main Title

A score reimagined for the horror film, Dead In Three Days. In the opening sequence I wanted to compliment the tactile detail shots featured throughout with haunting ambient music that wouldn't overpower the sound design. The idea being to bring the viewer into the scene and give them an idea of where they were headed without taking away from the visual content.

Dead In Three Days - Mona

Another sequence from the intro, I worked carefully to develop a theme that I thought could apply to the rest of the film. The perspective of this film jumps around and is a bit dreamlike so I wanted to create a melody that induced that confused feeling as if trapped in a nightmare.

Villisca - End Credits

An original song for the end credits in the teenage horror film, Villisca features unnerving voices, a heavy beat, and a jazzy melody.

Tree of lights - See

Tree of Lights is about a child finding their way. This montage scene is an original song intended to feel uplifting and filled with new possibilities.

Tree of Lights - Dream Scene

This is the second montage scene where the children are running through the forest, their friendship solidified. The music matches the tone of the first montage with a bit more heaviness and attachment.