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A few different collaborations with visual artists

Dusty Roses

This clip's lo-fi visual aesthetic is mirrored in the music with an analog soundscape that tries to capture the aggression and futurism.

Viver de Magia

I sought to match these dreamlike and delicate images by singing a melody and overlapping it in various ways to create something that was somewhat off-kilter yet beautiful.


This piece is a narrative about the 1964 Brazilian coup d'état using strong imagery from the historical event. The music builds in suspense with the sorrowful images, but ends in a more uplifting melody when the image of a hand representing hope pulses rhythmically.


The music features a menacing introduction followed by mysterious vocals all to compliment fantastical imagery.


This ethereal work moves along with a piano melody that accentuates the collage, and builds slowly towards its end which introduces the color red.